My Approach

Good acting is a craft…A balance of mind, body, and spirit.

I use an active experiential approach which has actors up and working, not sitting around and listening. In this way, an actor sharpens his or her instincts which leads to confidence and bold choices.
I believe technique needs to be individually developed. Each artist must find his or her own style by taking classes, performing, and watching the work of others (both good and bad).

Unknowing is the creative condition.

Surrender to the idea that there are no concrete answers in acting. Transformation requires an emotional climate of “unknowing”, so that new feelings and ideas can come into our field of awareness. All art is discovery. To open this intuitive space in ourselves, we must sometimes bypass the intellect.

There is no growth or mastery without practice.

You can practice by yourself, but in class you are able to play with others, challenge yourself and fire your creative imagination. My classes are small and selective, with a high degree of trust and camaraderie. Students can take risks, ask questions and feel free to make mistakes in the pursuit of growth and creativity. The exercises I use range from simple games to complicated challenges, many invented by me to address particular gaps in traditional training.


What People Are Saying

"I can't thank you enough for how you help me grow as an actress each and every time we work together"

Shenita Williams, Actress

"Kate has a unique technique to open the emotional side of any actor. She will develop the security and presence the actor needs."

Diego Davo Savloff, Actor

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