Praise for Kate’s Workshop

Praise for Kate’s Workshop

May 22nd, 2013 // 2:15 am @ KatieMcG7

Thank you so much for such a wonderful class last weekend.I went into the class hopeful but, not knowing what to expect and the entire weekend exceeded all my expectations. You were able to articulate specific things for me to work on and take notice of what will bring my performance to another level. I appreciate you listening to me at the beginning of the class and working with me on exactly what I wanted. Thank you for an informative and transformational weekend.Molly Fahey, Actress

Kate is a masterful teacher whose classes and workshops can be truly transformative. You need to experience this woman live and in person. I urge you to make this a priority for your career.In the past few months I have met with several Casting Directors and Agents who have all said the same thing, the acting component of the musical theater audition is the single greatest component of talent they are looking for. The singing is a given, they all know you can sing, what they need to see (and very often don’t) is the acting, truthfully, and authentically.Mr. David Sabella-Mills, Voice Coach

Despite how I may feel going into the workshop, I always come out feeling re-born; transformed, in some way…and that change always manifests, in some way, in the work I book
Chante Lewis, Actress



Want to share I booked a film short! I play a 911 Operator & it’s a cool scene talking someone out of getting involved in a crime! The workshop always leads to success on so many levels….. thanks Kate and everyone!
Chris McGinn, Actress



Omar Benjamin Thank you Kate for your guidance. To be in the midst of positive, creative and a supportive group is a great pool of energy to submerse ourselves in. It was a great way to spend the weekend.Omar Benjamin, Actor

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"I can't thank you enough for how you help me grow as an actress each and every time we work together"

Shenita Williams, Actress

"Kate has a unique technique to open the emotional side of any actor. She will develop the security and presence the actor needs."

Diego Davo Savloff, Actor

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